Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of cyclists ride the Cardiac Challenge? Will I be able to do it?

  • Anyone should be able to do the ride but some training and preparation is recommended if you have not done this sort of event before.
  • Regular riding is the best thing you can do – it’s much better to ride a bit regularly than to go on long, irregular rides.
  • Check out our training plan
  • Watch the news feeds on the website or join the Cardiac Challenge Facebook page to keep informed about our training rides.
  • We offer support, advice and training through our Sunday morning Sea Breeze rides. We meet at 6.30am outside Sea Breeze Café on the Esplanade at Cairns Hospital. Anyone is welcome and we will support you with advice about set-up and technique and help with any mechanical issues if we can. Talk to us so we know to look after you.

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Do I need a new bike? What sort of bike do I need?

  • You don’t need to have an expensive bike to complete the ride, however your bike must be in good mechanical order.
  • If you have a mountain bike we recommend you use "slicks" but it's up to you.

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What is the route like? Are there any hills?

  • There are two ranges - Kuranda on Day 1 and Desailly’s on Day2. You do not have to ride them! In fact we have some strict guidelines to adhere to under our Police permit.   Please see our range rules on Day 1
  • Transport co-ordination points will be at the base of the Desailly Range, where volunteers will co-ordinate loading bikes onto the trucks or trailers and a bus ready for those not riding the range.
  • Your private support can take you and your bike up the ranges to the designated drop zones but they must adhere to the "stop and drop" principle – i.e. drop your rider and bike and go on.
  • Riding the ranges will be at your own risk. THERE WILL BE NO ESCORTING OR ASSISTANCE POSSIBLE ON THE RANGES.
  • The rest - we prefer to call "undulations"!
  • There also is a steep downhill on the Byerstown Range at 8%. There is a speed limit on the range - do not exceed this as we don’t want any accidents! You never know where there will be a speed detector and as cyclists, we are governed by the same road rules as vehicles. NB: The wind can cut across some of the downhill sections and catch you unaware so be careful.


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Is there an age limit?

  • Generally the limit is 12 
  • Participants under 18 require consent to participate and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • There is no upper age to participate!

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Do I need to carry money?

  • We try where we can, to support local community services along the way so yes, bring some money and be prepared to support these as they don’t get much outside support otherwise. The Mt Franklin Cardiac Challenge is considered to be the largest cycling event in the region.

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I don’t like camping. What type of accommodation is there?

  • Hmmm… not much. Be brave - experience the outback! But don't forget to check the Accommodation Tab to see the accommodation tents that are now available.

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Can my family come on the ride?

  • Yes – being school holidays we encourage family participation, but don’t forget they have to register and contribute to the fundraising effort - form a fundraising team with family members and encourage them to support your ride. If this is an issue, you can contact us to discuss it further, but check out our fundraising tips as well and don’t underestimate the power of setting up an on-line personal fundraising page for each member who is participating

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I am unsupported – what happens with my gear and bike?

    When registering for the ride, you will need to ensure you register for transport assistance.
Please find below a Schedule of Events for the weekend!

Thursday, September 20:

  • Dop off luggage
  • Venue: Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation Office, Digger St, Cairns
  • Time: 8.30am–3pm

Friday, September 21

  • Drop off luggage
  • Venue: Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation Office, Digger St, Cairns
  • Time 9am-3pm
  • Briefing at Tjapukai. Time to be advised.

You need to bring your gear to the Foundation office on the dates above. The Friday night briefing is to receive your riders kit and listen to vital information. Please keep to a 22kg limit and ensure you provide a flattened bike box or suitable packing for your bike for transport back to Cairns. You must label and name all your gear and packing/boxes. No gear will be accepted on Saturday morning.  We do not accept any responsibility for your bike on the return trip.
For the trip back to Cairns, you need to prepare your bike for loading and load your bike the night before. The bus returning to Cairns will leave from the school at 9am sharp. If you are staying elsewhere in Cooktown, you will need to make your own arrangements and be at the school and ready to leave on time. Please ensure you register with the bus driver the night before so he can check you are on the bus before leaving.
You and your gear and bike will be dropped back to the Foundation’s office at about 1–1.30pm on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

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What about food and drink on the ride?

  • We will have manned drink stops about 20-25km apart. Water and hydration mixers as well as fruit and other nibbles will be provided.
  • Please ensure you get well off the road with your bikes when stopping at the drink stops and DO NOT lean your bike against any escort vehicles.
  • Lunch will be at Mt Molloy Day 1, Palmer River Day 2 and Cooktown on Day 3.

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Can I change groups if I find I am really in the wrong speed group?

  • Yes - but please negotiate this with your Pack Leader and ensure others in your pack know so they don’t think you are lost or left behind!
  • You also need to negotiate with the leader of the pack you are moving into. Remember we do have a size limit on our packs.

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What if I get a flat tyre on the ride or have a mechanical breakdown?

  • You should have spare tubes, bike levers and a small pump with you and you should be able to change a tyre. Check our website regularly for information about bike maintenance classes! 
  • Hop into the rear vehicle and catch a ride to the next drink stop to change your tyre. Rear vehicles will have bike racks and some seating for this reason.
  • Pump'n Pedals will be our on-ride mechanics. There will be a charge and a fair price for any parts used and the “service fee” is actually a donation towards fundraising so please give generously.
  • In preparation for the ride, bike maintenance classes can be co-ordinated, depending on interest.

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Riders insurance - am I insured in case of accident?

  • In short – no. The ride is covered for public liability only as part of the ride but there is no cover for riders for injury or damage to bicycles.
  • Personal cover can be obtained through Bicycle Queensland or Cycling Queensland.
  • Bicycle Queensland Membership costs about $99 for individuals over 18 or a household for $139 and includes:
    • Bicycle rider's insurance - covers you for everyday riding (ie your own training rides, training rides, riding to work), including organised rides but do not generally cover racing of any sort. There are separate race dedicated club memberships available if you wish to include riding in races.
    • Ride On magazine
    • Ride Q newsletter
    • $25 voucher from Scody
    • Member pricing for our great events
    • Access to the BQ Merchandise Shop
    • Legal assistance for riding incidents
    • Expert advice on most cycling matters

Bicycle Queenland membership - join now

Cycling Queensland membership for more info

  • Cycling Queensland membership cost from $45 for basic.

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What if my jersey is the wrong size?

  • Don’t forget, you nominated the size but sometimes it just doesn’t always run smoothly. At the pre-ride briefing you may be able to find someone else to swap with or if there are spare jerseys you may be in luck for a swap. We strongly recommend you try the jerseys on to confirm sizing especially the smaller sizes, prior to placing your size order. We keep samples of various sizes in the Foundation office, so if you are unsure, please make an appointment to come in and check your size.
  • Registrations received after July 1, 2018 will not guarantee their selected size.

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Will there be medical support on the ride?

  • Yes – The ride is fully supported and we have a paramedic and vehicle on the ride as well as our dedicated Cardiac Team and a number of doctors and nurses participating as well.
  • Please ensure if you are not feeling well or are too fatigued on the ride, you let your Pack leader or a member of the Ride Management Team know so they can monitor your progress or take any necessary action.
  • You will need to be responsible otherwise, for any known medical conditions and ensure you have any necessary medications with you as there is limited medical assistance between Mareeba and Cooktown.

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What If I have ideas to make it better or if I’m not happy?

  • If you are unhappy or have a problem, have any suggestions for changing, improving or removing things that are not working well, talk with your Pack Leader or a member of the Ride Management Team so we can aim to negotiate a better outcome for the benefit of everyone and future rides.
  • We are more than happy to receive constructive feedback. (Remember too, we may not be able to do what you think should happen – we have to think of the whole group and not just individual participants). Please do not keep problems to yourself or grumble to others who are not able to fix it. Let’s try to sort it before it festers. All feedback emails should be directed to:
  • We also will conduct a feedback survey after the ride, so please let us know your thoughts and ideas via this forum.

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