Gen Z

Over the past few years, with 2016 being an exception, a growing number of youngsters have signed up for the Mount Franklin Cardiac Challenge, so we now have enough recruits to form an annual Gen Z pack. We used to call them Gen Y but unfortunately we all "mature" over time.

We expect this trend to continue, as more schools in the region begin to form their own teams for the Cardiac Challenge.

Gen Z riders enjoy the independence and adventure of cycling with other young people – while under the supervision of a highly experienced adult pack leader.

Other benefits include:

  • Recognition that exercise can be fun, purposeful, social and non-competitive
  • Improved cycling and road-user skills
  • Enhanced social and team building skills
  • Increased self-esteem and sense of achievement
  • Satisfaction of raising funds for a worthy cause
  • Sense of community spirit
  • BUT most importantly – FUN!

Youngsters who are not confident that they will be able to complete the entire 333km ride should be reassured to know that support vehicles are always available to pick up weary riders and ferry them to the next stop-over point.

The important thing is to have a go!

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