On the road

  • The Mount Franklin Cardiac Challenge is not a race.
  • For much of the event, you will ride in pack formation (as a legal requirement for our ride permit)
  • You will be assigned to a specific pack before the event, based on your nominated average speed capacity. (Details will be emailed to you.) Try to get to know the other members of your pack prior to the ride (if you can).
  • On the second and third day of the Challenge, when riders are on quieter roads, some pack changes may be permissible, depending on numbers.
  • A pack leader will be assigned to each pack. They will maintain contact with the official escort vehicles which accompany the packs for safety and support purposes.
  • You will ride on public roads used by other traffic, so normal road rules apply. For example:
    • you must:move to the left to allow vehicles to overtake; 
    • ride in single file where appropriate; 
    • no more than two abreast at any time.
  • Be aware of fellow riders and other traffic. Be predictable. Indicate and call out your intention to slow down, stop or change direction
  • You must ride in a safe, responsible and courteous manner,and obey the directions of event officials and pack leaders at all times
  • Personal rider support crew vehicles are not allowed to closely follow the riders; join them at drink stops; or drive repeatedly past the ride packs in order to take photos/film footage. This behaviour could jeopardise the safety of riders. Unless support vehicles are required to provide their riders with a lift up steep roads (such as the Kuranda and Desailly Ranges), they should drive directly to the designated lunch stop, then on to the dinner/camp site.
  • Drink stops will be stationed at 20km intervals along the ride route. 
  • Escort vehicles carry emergency  water supplies.
  • It is the camaraderie and support of other riders that will motivate you to keep going when you are feeling tired, irritable or sore.
  • The Cardiac Challenge proceeds in all weather - rain or shine. (But you won’t have to worry about cyclones, as September is outside the cyclone season!)

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