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Raising money for the Cairns Hospital and Hinterland Health Service

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2016 Wuchopperen Warriors

Awesome memories! Pic taken in Cooktown... Oh what a feeling!

Day 2

I can sum up the day in two words... Hills & heat!

Day 1 - Mareeba pitstop

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Doe Ahmat

Doe Ahmat

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Why I'm participating:

I had the time of my life in the 2016 Cardiac Challenge.  I loved the camaraderie, meeting new people, and of course, the mental and physical challenge of it!  I cannot wait to do it again in 2018 with the Wuchopperen Warriors, as we raise money for such a wonderful cause!  My original reasons for doing the ride again still hold true, so I have re-posted my profile blurb from 2016:

"If you asked me two years would I consider riding three hundred kilometres on a bike from Cairns to Cooktown, I would have responded with an emphatic "No!".  Last year, however, I was inspired by the Wuchopperen Warriors' dedication to both the cause, and the long hours of training involved.  Two family members also inpsired me to join the challenge.
The first family member to inspire me was my Athe (Grandfather), Nabea Tabuai.  Mum and I visited his grave on Thursday Island in January this year.  He was 43 years old when he passed away, only a year older than I am now. My Athe was therefore a very powerful motivator for me to step waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, and take up a major physical challenge that I would never have dreamed of doing.  Ever.  I owe that to my Athe, he gave me the conviction to enter the Cardiac Challenge.
The second family member to inspire me to participte was my Dad, Allan McCarroll.  Dad had been suffering bouts of dizzy spells, which culminated in him collapsing at a highschool where he was teaching at the time.  His GP immeditely referred him to the specialists  in Cairns.  Dad told me "Cairns Base was excellent.  I owe my life to the Cardiologists there.  They detected my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and also  ordered an angiogram".  Dad subsequently had major heart surgery in March 2011.  He had a mitral valve inserted, in conjunction with a coronary artery bypass.
Dad has since made a full recovery.  He still loves going for his daily walk with Mum, as well as driving around Australia whenever the opportunity to hit the open road arises. I owe a lot to the Cardiac Services at Cairns Hospital, they saved my Dad's life.  That's why I'll do all I can to raise funds for the 2016 Cardiac Challenge!"

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You go girl! Your Son and I are proud to be your support team.
Great to see you guys doing the challenge again!! Very inspirational!!
Viviane de Araujo Souza e Silva
Go girl! Lots of love, Vivi x
You go girl
Carla Pappas
Enjoy or should I say endure the ride. See you in Cooktown.
Mothers day Raffle and chocolate money
Easter raffle
From our chocolate raising & cupcake efforts :)
Doe Ahmat
My contribution to our team fundraising goal.

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